Furnace Repair & Faulty Thermostats

6 Signs You Need To Call A Furnace Repair Specialist in Colorado

Especially during the extreme weather seasons such as winter and summer in Colorado, heating and cooling systems may develop some faults or failures that require the immediate attention from an expert technician. In order to continue enjoying a comfortable warm or cool environment in your home or commercial premises at such a time, you need the service of a reliable HVAC repair service company.

At times, problems could develop in the middle of the night, which means it’s best if you have the contacts of your reliable furnace repair specialists in Colorado handy. But needless to say, not all furnace problems may occur in such a way that it’s obvious to call a professional technician to have a look at the heating component. Since some problems are usually critical and could pose a safety or health hazard, below are 6 signs you need to call a furnace repair specialist in Colorado.

 1.  Noisy Furnace Operation

This one is probably the most common signs of a problematic heating unit. However, it is important to note that depending on type and model, some furnaces have a totally quiet operation, while others produce a significant noise level. Especially for the quite-operating furnaces, sudden operational noise that continues to get louder could be indicative of a huge problem.

This could be caused by problems such as a partially broken or cracked motor belt, ignition problems, and such. In most cases, the noise presents itself as squeaking, whining, or popping sound and may be a considerable sign you should call an experienced HVAC professional.

2.  Sudden Spike in Heating Bills

As much as the highs and the lows may differ for each winter, a sudden increase in your heating bill during the cold season can be indicative of a problematic furnace. It could be that your heating system requires some cleaning, the filters needs replacement, or the air duct seal is leaking and needs repair. Call a good furnace repair company to have a look and find out what is wrong with your heating unit when you notice a sudden spike in your energy bills.

3.  Different Color in Furnace Flames

If you’re running a gas furnace, the flames are always blue. Yellow or orange flames could be a sign the burner is dirty, while any other color could be a sign that the furnace is producing/leaking carbon monoxide (a highly hazardous gas that causes CO poisoning).

4.  Constant Tweaking On the Thermostat

If you find yourself constantly changing the thermostat setting, maybe because one room feels colder than the other, this could be a sign that something is not right with your heating component. The air ducts could be leaking, the furnace could be failing, or the thermostat could be problematic. This is also a good sign you should call an expert furnace repair service in Colorado.

5.  Water Pool Forming Around the Furnace

When the condensate line gets clogged, your furnace could leak gas or water. When this happens, the furnace is rendered ineffective or inefficient. This can be detected by looking under or around the furnace for a condensed pool of water. Call a professional service technician for furnace repair when you observe this.

6.  Rapid Cycling

Last but not least rapid cycling is another huge sign to look out for. A rapid cycling is a situation where the furnace turns on and off so quickly. In most cases, this is caused by problems in the ignition system, the wiring, and sometimes a faulty thermostat. To stay warm and comfortable in your home, call a reputable furnace repair company to have the issue addressed by an expert technician.