March 2009

Eclipse 3.4 r 341 deb package for 64-bit Ubuntu or how to make a .deb file for Ubuntu

I bring you "eclipse-osil" package of Eclipse 3.4.341 for Ubuntu. I'm using Intrepid but there is very little reason to think it won't work just as well on other versions (as long as it is the 64-bit Intel/AMD and not the Itanium stuff).

Key features

  • Memory is pegged at 512m to 1024m in eclipse.ini
  • depends on sun JDK 6 SOLELY (not GCJ or the 100 repackaged jars)
  • installs in /opt/eclipse-3.4.341 with a soft link /opt/eclipse
  • installs a shortcut under Applications/Other with the planet logo

I'd love feedback.

On Packaging stuff in Ubuntu

You won't believe I bought a new MacBook Pro

After my last MacBook Pro kept blowing up batteries, and my two previous Powerbooks suffered horrible defects which caused the power couplings to rip off the motherboard (the area near the power cord is very weak due to too many ports right next to it, so it is no good for say airplane overhead cargo storage), and obnoxious customer service, I swore off Apple. I buy a new laptop on average every 3 years. I always get the top end because screen resolution is everything. I had planned to buy a Dell this time. For one it is easier to put on our company credit line with them. However, when looking at the top end with the features I wanted, I realized it would cost more than the 17" MBP.

Open Source Business Conference Retrospective

Posted here.

Open Source Business Conference

I'll be attending the Open Source Business Conference in San Francisco. Matt Asay and Roy Russo recommended that I go. I'm interested in connecting with other members of the Open Source Business community, software developers and in particular those in the financial sector. My email is acoliver at the above domain (