Event: OSI Dev Speaks at MongoDB Meetup June 11

Topic: MongoDB & Schema Design Disasters


Wednesday Jun 11, 2014

6:30pm - 8:30pm


Web Assign

Press Release: DataStax and Open Software Integrators Announce Partnership Delivering Apache Cassandra to the Enterprise

A Rational Approach to your Big Data Initiative


So you think you need or want to launch a Big Data initiative?  You’re certainly not alone.

This school of thought puts you in the mainstream of the IT industry and the conventional thinking of management in most companies.  

InfoWorld: Enjoy machine learning with Mahout on Hadoop

You can use the Hadoop ecosystem to manage your data. Now put that data to good use and apply machine learning via Mahout

"Mahout" is a Hindi term for a person who rides an elephant. The elephant, in this case, is Hadoop -- and Mahout is one of the many projects that can sit on top of Hadoop, although you do not always need MapReduce to run it.

InfoWorld: Know this right now about Hadoop

Here's what you must know this instant about big data darling Hadoop and its expanding universe of add-ons and subprojects

I write a lot about Hadoop, for the obvious reason that it's the biggest thing going on right now. Last year everyone was talking about it -- and this year everyone is rolling it out.

Some are still in the installation and deployment phase. Some are in the early implementation phases. Some have already used it to tackle real and previously intractable business problems. But trust me, Hadoop is the hottest ticket in town.

Event: OSI Chicago Hosts Cassandra Meetup May 22


Cassandra at BrightTag w/Matt K. & Is It Hot or Not: the Linux Page Cache w/ Al

For this meetup, we are excited to be joined by two great speakers. Matt Kemp, Engineer and Team Lead at BrightTag and Al Tobey, Open Source Mechanic at Datastax.


May 22, 2014

6:30pm - 8:30pm


Open Software Integrators [Chicago]

119 N. Peoria Street # 2E

InfoWorld: Programmer entrepreneurs... Start anywhere, including Thailand

Temple Of Dawn


The world does not begin and end in Silicon Valley -- or Austin or Durham. While in Thailand, I met two U.S. coders who stayed and became successful entrepreneurs

The hours may be long, but few professions offer as much flexibility as that of the software developer. I'm not just talking about not needing to dress or bathe properly. If you're a programmer on vacation somewhere and never want to leave, maybe you shouldn't. Many places will welcome experienced software developers with entrepreneurial spirit.

Case Study: Educational Collaborative Develops Big Data Solution Supporting MongoDB

Download OSI's new case study on the successful development of a seamless, MongoDB application creating tools for educators to succeed. This project will cover everything from installation to RESTful API's, data schema analysis and security. 

Educational Collaborative Develops Big Data Solution Supporting MongoDB


InfoWorld: The end of the open Internet is un-American, Take action now!

Net neutrality cutting the wires

[Image source: CFC Oklahoma]

May 15 is when the FCC considers a bad policy that undoes a cornerstone of American democracy: equal access to common services

A look inside Chicago's Cassandra Tech Day

by: Brian Crucitii, OSI Developer & Big Data Enthusiast