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InfoWorld: The dirty truth about big data and NoSQL

You thought big data was exclusive to social media empires and search engines? Think again...

If I asked you for the defining characteristic of a big data customer, you'd probably say they're sitting on large amounts of data. If I asked for the defining characteristic of a NoSQL customer, you might answer they require high levels of concurrency.

Well, if that's the total market for NoSQL and big data, then both MongoDB, Inc., as well as the various companies supporting Hadoop should probably shut their doors and call it a day.

InfoWorld: Web technologies that deserve to die

Spring WebFlow, Seam, WebBeans, and related beasts must meet their extinction. Who thought evermore client state on the server was a grand idea anyway?

In the beginning we had the Web 1.0. Each time you clicked on an item or hit Post, the request went round trip to the server, then back to the client and re-rendered. This was slow, looked nothing like a real application, and caused people to become alcoholics, ActiveX users, or -- worst of all -- Flash developers.

InfoWorld: Stop headhunters from ruining meetups

Business Man


It's tough to find talent. But recruiters, headhunters, and their ilk should be banned from meetups and user groups before they kill them

InfoWorld: How to screw up your MongoDB schema design

MongoDB, Inc.


Mongo has recently become a thing. Fortunately, some RDBMS skills port over easily -- but schema design isn't one of them

Tonight I'm going to a sold-out MongoDB eventhosted by my company at our local startup incubator. Already, 250 have people signed up. That's a pretty good crowd for Durham, NC, but not surprising considering the focus is MongoDB schema design.

InfoWorld: 10 things you don't need to worry about in 2014


The more things change, the more they stay the same, especially when marketing bots make grandiose predictions. Here's what'll stay put in the coming year

Press Release: Open Software Integrators Joins Cloudera Connect Program as Big Data Services Partner

Open Software Integrators provides solutions for Hadoop and Big Data platform

Durham, NC December 10, 2013 -- Open Software Integrators (OSI), the open source professional services company, has recently announced a professional services partnership with, the leader in enterprise analytic data management powered by Apache HadoopCloudera.

InfoWorld: Hey Google, why is my freaking phone so big?

Sean Ludwig of VentureBeat shows how big the 6.1-inch Huawei smartphone is.

Image by Devindra Hardawar/VentureBeat​

Give someone a mobile device for the holidays, and chances are it will be too big to fit in their stocking. Does anyone really want a phone this large?

My family celebrates Hanukkah instead of Christmas. Plus, we decline to worship Apple. How irritating, then, that any high-end Android phone you buy this year will slit your stocking due to its enormous form.

Event: Neo4j Meetup @OSI Chicago

Graph Database Meetup: Introducing Neo4j


Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Open Software Integrators

119 N. Periora St #2E

Chicago, IL 60607


Learn all about Neo4j and the new features of Neo4j 2.0. There will be some great use cases for Neo4j, as well as, sample code to get you started. Come have the "graph epiphany" and start seeing graphs everywhere.


Max De Marzi, Senior Consultant, Neo Technology