Big Data TechCon SF, Day 1

By: Brian Crucitti, OSI Developer

Day one of the Big Data TechCon was a little slow. The day plan allowed for attendees to participate in two half-day tutorial sessions; one in the morning, and one in the afternoon.
Nothing wrong with that format, it just tends to make for slow days.

This was followed by a series of Lightning Talks, which were very entertaining. An important discussion about the true origin of Big Data was worked down to which came first, Ancient Egyptian libraries, or Ancient Roman logistics recordings. Before the question could be explored further, the discussion was derailed by the speaker into a rant about the causal relationship between working in Big Data, and hair loss.

Event: OSI Developer Jonathan Freeman presents Websockets at CJUG

OSI developer and front end guru, Jonathan Freeman will be presenting at the Chicago Java Users Group this November. 

The Chicago Java User’s Group is here to help the Java Professional. We want to make Chicago the ‘best’ place to be a Java developer, by offering a support network that allows each individual Java developer to grow! Its only purpose it to serve its community by focusing in three areas:

- Learning about the Java Craft

- Making a Difference in the Java Community

- Growing as a Java Professional

Event: OSI President to speak at All Things Open Conference

OSI president and founder, Andrew C. Oliver will be speaking at the All Things Open Conference this October!

The All Things Open Conference will feature the world's top developers, technologists and decision makers as we explore open source and the open web in the enterprise. Two days of keynotes, talks, tutorials and networking opportunities in Raleigh and the Research Triangle area.

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Check out OSI at the Big Data TechCon Event in San Francisco

Open Software Integrators is pleased to announce two tracks this year at Big Data TechCon SF! OSI developers Brian Crucitti and Jonathan Freeman will both be speaking on MongoDB, the NoSQL open source, document database. Catch both of them Wednesday, October 16 at the Hyatt Regency.

InfoWorld: Why MongoDB is worth $1.2 billion


If document database startup MongoDB is looking to thank someone for its hefty valuation, Larry Ellison should be first in line

While you were sleeping, 10Gen -- the company behind the MongoDB document database -- changed its name to MongoDB, Inc., raised $231 million, and became the first billion-dollar open source startup. That's right, an open source NoSQL database startup has a $1.2 billion valuation.

InfoWorld: Web app coders, Clean up your act!

Paper Emotions - Hate


When writing JavaScript front ends, is your workflow all over the place? Do you cling to repetitive actions instead of automating? Then this advice is for you

I know it seems I'm always taking a break, drinking scotch, and letting someone else take the spotlight. Well, here we go again; it just so happens I'm on vacation this week. So sit back and enjoy this highly useful article from my colleague Jonathan Freeman, developer, advocate, and designated guru for everything front end. -- Andrew C. Oliver

InfoWorld: How to provision users in a cloud world

Grass & Cloud


When subscribing to multiple SaaS offerings serving many users, it gets complicated quickly. Here's how to address the problem now and in the future

By: Phil Rhodes

SpringOne2GX 2013: A Quick Recap

This year I had the pleasure of attending SpringOne2GX.  Right on the heels of PlatformCF(which I also got to attend: Day 1 and Day 2), SpringOne had some exciting announcements and over a hundred sessions to choose from across nine tracks.  In addition to the sessions, there were a few keynotes with some exciting announcements.

Zepto.js And Mobile Development

One of the most important features of a great mobile web application is responsiveness. It can look pretty, full of retina graphics and fancy gestural flourishes, but if it takes longer to perform an action than it would do in a native app, the user will soon get restless.

InfoWorld: The U.S.'s crap infrastructure threatens the cloud

Bank Building


Thanks to state-sponsored cable/phone duopolies, U.S. broadband stays slow and expensive -- and will probably impede cloud adoption