Infoworld -- My favorite project: The Internet of things in real life

If you haven't seen the video of Adam using his lighting system, I recommend that first.

Both my nomination for the geekiest thing I've worked on and the most important thing I've worked on, OpenRemote is changing the world.

When my former boss at JBoss, Marc Fleury, first described his new project OpenRemote to me, I couldn't think of anything I was less interested in. It had nothing to do with the enterprise or Web-scale space -- that is, serving the needs of large companies with money -- and seemed more about paving the way for the new millionaires at JBoss to enjoy the same kinds of luxury as Bill Gates. I kind of changed the subject, ate more steak (Marc is a great cook), and instead talked about my idea, which later crashed and burned.

A year later, when OpenRemote was looking to support Android, Fleury contracted my firm to do it. It was fun, and although I still found the project underwhelming, I've learned to lie to entrepreneurs when asked what I think of their ideas -- they're delusional and won't listen anyhow. Besides, I got to write an Android app in my friend's garage back when my company was still three people and no one else I knew had actually written an Android app! Later, when Marc's former adminstrator and the heart of JBoss, Kelly Stine, was looking to use OpenRemote for her brother Adam, Fleury contacted our company about integrating the Insteon ISY-99 and associated devices.
You see, Adam Stine wasn't some lazy rich guy who couldn't be bothered to get up and hit the switch to turn on his lights in the morning. Adam was suffering from ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) and was bound to a wheelchair. the rest of "My favorite project: The Internet of Things in Real Life" at Infoworld

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