Infoworld: The long death of fat cat clients

With Adobe's divestment of Flex and mobile Flash and Microsoft's move from Silverlight to Metro, Oracle now seems all alone in believing that a fat client framework -- in the form of JavaFX -- is a worthwhile investment.

Fewer and fewer options exist for developing purely fat client desktop applications and fewer still for RAD applications with Web-based delivery (aka, "thick clients"). We are on the verge of a purely HTML/JavaScript client world.

In fact, the new mobile world is driving us to the standards that were always resisted. Microsoft has started supporting jQuery -- at least in spirit. Even Apple, the reigning king of all things proprietary, has become an HTML5 advocate.

Developers will continue down the HTML/JavaScript/HTML5/jQuery path. The costs are dipping as WebKit becomes the browser monopoly that Microsoft tried for but couldn't maintain. Capabilities that were traditionally locked down in Flash or native code are being opened by standards and open source tools like jQuery. The standard has created a market, and that market is the new monopoly. Ironically, Apple may rue the day it promoted HTML5, as the cost of multiplatform support is lowered.

Whether or not you think this is the direction we should go, you have to admit the options are shrinking. JQuery is the killer framework for HTML, and it's a monster swallowing the world of fat client options. In the cloud era, why would a company want to install something native and pay the costs of traditional PC maintenance? Full-scale adoption of HTML5 will end this argument for good.


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