What’s The Cost of Furnace Repair?

It can be an intimidating experience to wake up to the sight of your breath in the middle of winter when your house is freezing. An unreasonably high furnace repair bill can even be more surprisingly unwelcoming. And let’s face it; since a just like any other home equipment a furnace or heating unit is also prone to faults and functional problems once in a while.

Having some understanding of the average costs involved in furnace repair and maintenance can be a wise way to stay prepared to handle such expenses, including emergency ones. To get straight to the main agenda on this article, on average, what’s the cost of furnace repair? Here are some things you should know.

Factors Affecting Furnace Repair Cost

There are various factors that may determine how much you pay for furnace repair in overall. Some of these factors include the type and size of the furnace, its age, and overall form, and the extent or type of damage. For instance, some parts such as the motor, heat exchanger, fan, or wiring may require replacement parts, whereas minor issues such as cleaning may not. In this case, the problems that require replacement parts should cost more to fix. However, the costs may be lower if your furnace still has a valid warranty covering such parts.

In addition to the purchase of replacement parts, inspection and labor are still part of the overall furnace repair costs. Of course, not all HVAC service providers will charge the same for repairs. This means that the company you choose to work with will also determine how much you pay to get the heating implement fixed. You may also want to consider replacing the unit or upgrading to a modern model if your furnace keeps on demanding repairs.

Also, it can be wiser to install a new unit if the cost of repair is more than at least half the cost of getting a new one. With these factors in mind, it is also worth going through some of the most common furnace problems homeowners are more likely encounter and how to use this knowledge to keep repair costs down.

Dirty Filters: This is a common HVAC problem that may affect the unit’s operational and energy efficiency. Dirty filters force the furnace to work harder in order to achieve your preferred indoor temperatures as the dirt in furnace filters affect smooth airflow. To reduce furnace repair costs due to this problem, dirty filters should be replaced at least once monthly during winter and every other month during the warmer seasons.

Thermostat Problems: When the thermostat malfunctions, regulating the furnace settings can be a nightmare. Sometimes the component may produce false readings, or may not work at all. The problem could be anything from a burnt fuse, faults in wiring, and so on. According to improvenet.com, the average cost of thermostat repair is approx. $250 (could be higher or lower depending on thermostat model) and can exert a toll on or be part of your furnace repair costs.

Faulty furnace Igniter: When the furnace igniter malfunctions, the unit could experience rapid cycling or not turn on at all. Repairing a furnace igniter can cost anywhere between $300 – $400 give or take, again depending on the technician you hire as well as other factors such as warranty.

Furnace Motor Problems: Furnace motor repair is a huge task that is a bit costlier than most other types of repair. The cost of replacing a bad furnace motor could range from $400 to over $1,700 on average according to fixr.com. This is because, for one, the motor is an expensive component, and again, finding the right model for your furnace can be a bit challenging.

The above are just a few problems with an approximate overview of ideas on how much each of them may cost to repair. Of course, there are many other types of furnace problem whose costs may vary depending on the previously mentioned factors. In addition, some HVAC technicians charge on an hourly rate whereas most of the experienced companies price the service based on the specific task. According to Altitude Comfort Heating and Air website, the best way to save on furnace repair costs is to always ensure that you work with a professional HVAC service company for furnace installation, maintenance, and repair.